What is VenetoCity

VenetoCity is Venice Green Door, a green door to the Venetian lagoon


The Veneto is today a modern region, culturally open to an international vision, more tolerant and better integrated than during its recent past. It is a region involved in constant intense transformation, aware that only by looking to the future can it control its present and identify sustainable scenarios. The line of research starts out from interpretation of the entire region as a function of its characteristic points of excellence, covering both its potential and its fragility in light of the continuous transformations underway and focusing attention on the quality of life and role of the Veneto in economic and social geography at European and international level.


VenetoCity is the synthesis of a process involving the strategic analysis of the Veneto metropolitan area aimed at creating an important tertiary pole, constructed according to the general criteria of land consumption control and a reduction in mobility defined by regional and provincial planning.
VenetoCity is destined to accommodate functions whose importance and size gives them a regional nature, up to structures of international importance. A system of metropolitan level activities able to capitalise on the exceptional infrastructure present and all the energies and synergies of the Veneto production system. VenetoCity represents the framework of a design process which will concentrate in a well-defined area the functions of excellence currently scattered across an interregional area and with an under-fulfilled potential. The cornerstones of this process are creation of a high-value architectural image, accompanied by high standards of energy saving in respect of the environment.


The creation of VenetoCity implies a significant commitment to the communities most directly involved. It is not just a matter of the numerous highly qualified jobs which will be created, but rather of the criteria underlying its construction.
VenetoCity represents an innovative model for a new city, proposing the construction of pioneering and sustainable infrastructure for the environment and fruition. Its cornerstones are those of the “Green Landscape Economy” (GLE): to take care of and cultivate the soil, to safeguard and regulate the water system and to reconstruct the territory and its green connections with a large-scale vision.
Another significant element is the urban and architectural quality of the project. A number of internationally famous architects will be taking part in its creation in order to offer visitors the best of modern architecture against the unique backdrop of the Veneto’s cities of art.
These objectives represent benefits achievable through the involvement of top professional skills in each of the specific areas and through constant dialogue with the environs.