The VenetoCity Team

A team of professionals have worked and are working to build a new, sustainable, modern city. The team is made up of the Veneto City Spa in-house staff who have planned, co-ordinated and put the finishing touches to the design work carried out by a team of professionals invited to give their contribution of knowledge and skill.

The designers

  • MCA architects: Mario Cucinella’s studio is based in Bologna with a team of architects and engineers from a number of countries. It has solid experience in architectural design with particular attention to energy and the environment, industrial design and technological research through collaboration with universities and European Community research programmes.
  • LAND (Landscape Nature Architecture Development):an architectural and planning studio founded in 1990 in Milan by Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala. It brings together professionals working to give shape to landscape architecture and has designed all things concerning the "green" of VenetoCity.
  • Endrizzi Engineering Studio: one of the most important companies in the Veneto and also a leader in Italy, it designs residential and commercial buildings, urban developments and technical installations. In the VenetoCity project, it is responsible for general aspects and coordinating all the designers.
  • Manens-Tifs: the engineering company TiFS is a leader in design, working exclusively in the technical installations sector and with a high degree of specialisation and specific skills in installations for distributing and using electricity, communications systems, security and cabling for IT networks, air conditioning, hydrosanitary installations, fire prevention, lighting, acoustics, etc.
  • E-Farm: the company is involved in study and design of the road network which will help integrate VenetoCity into the current local context. Based on an analysis of the internal and external flows, the company is designing the scheme for the road network in VenetoCity and its interface with the existing road system to draw up the best solution with optimum rationalisation of the road network.
  • Hydrostudio C.E.: the engineering company Hydrostudio Consulting Engineers S.r.l. was set up in 1982 and works mainly in the public sector. The company is divided into a number of sectors of activity, including hydraulics, transport, architecture and safety.
  • Alia: in VenetoCity, the company is responsible for analysing environmental aspects, helping to establish strategic planning and design choices, highlighting environmental criticalities and urban potentials. It is responsible for the planning and actuation of studies assessing the project - from the Strategic Environmental Appraisal (SEA) to the Environmental Impact Appraisal (EIA).
  • Nordest Ingegneria srl: The company carries out design, feasibility studies, research, consultancy and assessment of the technical and economic congruity of the hydraulic and environmental engineering. It boasts a decade of experience in water regulation structures in general and land reclamation and irrigation networks in particular. In the VenetoCity project, the company is responsible for hydraulic invariance projects and measures, with advantages for the environs as a whole.
  • Ingegneria 2P: the company specialises in various sectors of hydraulic and maritime, environmental, industrial, civil and plant engineering. In Veneto City it is specifically in charge of studying hydraulic aspects and resolving the associated problems.
  • Bizzotto Marco srl: the company is responsible for safety on temporary or mobile worksites. It has been working for more than 15 years in the sector of safety in the workplace, promoting the health and well-being of workers. In VenetoCity, it is preparing a safety plan in line with the most advanced experiences.