Urban and architectural quality

Quality and sustainability in a project with the Cucinella-Kipar signature

A combination of quality and sustainability is a particular characteristic of VenetoCity, guaranteed by the signature of two great designers, Mario Cucinella and Andreas Kipar, responsible for a masterplan which gives equal emphasis to both architectural/urban and landscape aspects.

In terms of the landscape, the basic objective of the VenetoCity project is first and foremost to develop a model, starting with construction of landscape infrastructure, followed by urban infrastructure and reproducible along the axis joining Padua and Venice. Based on enhancement and development of the distinctive features of the existing landscape (traces of Roman “centuriation", signs of canals, ditches, paths and lines of trees), this process has resulted in definition of a belt containing a matrix of “green rooms” and a new agglomeration within the two infrastructures.

VenetoCity is part of a network of 6 km of cycle paths and a grid of pedestrian paths and boulevards.

Parks and gardens are a priority component of the VenetoCity project. In line with the “preverdissement” technique, the first worksite active in VenetoCity will be for planting trees, plants and shrubs.
The design choice includes buildings with a distinctive wavy roof - a sort of "second skin" which characterises the entire city, reminiscent of the outline and contours of the Euganean hills.

The profile of the tower blocks, on the other hand, echoes the lagoon bricole (characteristic wooden structures used to mark out the channels in the lagoon), another of the design’s references to the local landscape.