The idea of VenetoCity is to create a place which acts as a generator of opportunities for work, business, study, training, culture, relaxation and trade.

Working in VenetoCity means reaching your workplace in prestigious premises easily and safely and being able to count on all types of service for the individual and spaces for relaxation and leisure.

In partnership with an important foundation, a study is underway to create an international hub in VenetoCity, representing a healthier lifestyle, improving the performance of those studying and working there and achieving a series of positive objectives, according to an established and appropriately monitored process.

VenetoCity will be a centre of intellectual and cultural activities in green surroundings, a welcoming place with high architectural and landscape value where visitors can find a new space, rich with all kinds of occasion and opportunity.

It represents exclusivity within everyone’s reach, against an extraordinary backdrop of squares, gardens and parks, areas of water, works of Land Art and top quality architecture in which to develop a system of relationships and functions at both local and international level.
The multiplicity of the functions which will be available in VenetoCity guarantee a presence and livability throughout the day and in all periods of the year. International interest in the project will intercept the tourist flows which naturally pass near the area directed to Venice and the other tourist destinations in the Veneto.

Interception of the tourist flows will create significant spin-off for the surrounding area, creating wealth and job opportunities.