Welcome to VenetoCity, a place in the heart of the Veneto just a few minutes from the Venice Lagoon, with space for management, commercial, hotel, technological, recreational, educational and training activities.

Venice Green Door

A new centre of high quality and sustainability (an inseparable combination in the Veneto of today) is to be built in the heart of one of Europe’s most important economic and cultural areas, a crossroads between international infrastructure axes, 20 minutes from the historical city centre of Venice and the Venetian lagoon with space for offices, multipurpose structures, research, training and innovation, commercial activities, hotels and services for the company and individuals.
The design of VenetoCity has been conceived and guided by two great names from international architecture and landscape - Mario Cucinella for architecture and town planning and Andreas Kipar for green infrastructure and the landscape - integrating reutilisation, development and improvement of the area with environmental sustainability.