Integrated metropolitan railway system

VenetoCity is the first large project in the modern Veneto conceived and constructed in close integration with the regional metropolitan railway system. Near the buildings, there will in fact be a regional metropolitan railway station, able to cope with a throughput of thousands of users per day, a genuine gateway leading to the boulevards and pedestrian areas of VenetoCity. Users will thus be able to reach their place of work and interest easily and safely, avoiding vehicle traffic.

The design of the regional metropolitan railway station, work of the MCA team led by architect Mario Cucinella, is particularly effective and fascinating. Avoiding narrow underpasses, it takes users to a higher level, communicating with the pedestrian paths and squares of VenetoCity.

The model’s plasticity is the prelude to an important display of Land Art works which will be exhibited along the paths and in the squares and parks of VenetoCity, acting as a tourist attraction for a significant number of visitors.
The trains are very frequent, thus guaranteeing everyone an effective and continuous service at all times of the day.
The VenetoCity regional metropolitan railway station will be served by exchange parking for 500 cars.