Environmental problems resolved

Positive "impact"

A number of hydraulic criticalities have been identified, largely associated with urban development of the environs without the inclusion of mitigation measures.
Firstly, VenetoCity will resolve the criticalities present through reconstruction of the typical fluvial habitats of the low Veneto plain by expanding the Cavinello reservoir and constructing detention basins along the watercourse and the Pionca.

It will then turn to the effects of the new building development, using safety parameters well beyond current standards and regulations.
VenetoCity will construct reservoirs with a total capacity of 1400 m³/hectare, divided into:

  • detention basins with a total volume of 30,000 m³, able to ensure the hydraulic safety of the VenetoCity area;
  • specific reservoirs able to absorb more than 1000 m³/hectare, necessary to guarantee the hydraulic invariance of VenetoCity.

Water quality

The project will also lead to improvement of the quality of the small watercourses present in the area, currently in largely poor ecological conditions.
The use of suitable plant species will enable water quality to be improved, a process which will be integrated with the planting of trees and plants which represent essential elements in the landscape and "sustainable" design of VenetoCity.