Designated uses

The programme agreement signed at the end of 2011 regulates the designated uses, developing a functional, though indicative, reference profile which can be updated throughout the entire project implementation period (about 10 years) as the market and requirements of the population and local area evolve.
A business centre destined to represent both large international financial and industrial groups and multidisciplinary centres for professionals, regional associations and public and private administrative structures requiring large spaces, high visibility and adequate accessibility.

A modern latest generation shopping centre complete with leisure facilities, multiplex, water parks, swimming pools and gyms and all types of attraction and entertainment.

A services centre for businesses to showcase the points of excellence of "Made in Veneto”, where international buyers can organise their purchasing programmes directly with the region's most important producers.
A permanent shop window for the most significant products, where the Veneto is already a leader, but also where it hopes to become one.A system of industrial and trade relations with a potential to become a point of reference known at international level.

Integrated with the business services centre, there will also be a sector for training and education, with a university offering fashion and design, tourism and hotel studies, innovation and research, a modern Veneto Polytechnic aimed at the business system, where English is spoken and attracting the best foreign brains, as well as avoiding the brain drain of young Italian talent abroad.
It will provide adequate accommodation and campus facilities and a complete range of services for people in a unique environmental context.

Why should all these activities come together in VenetoCity? For an infinity of reasons, one of which stands out decisively, logically, objectively and unarguably: VenetoCity is the geometric, geographic, infrastructure and strategic centre of gravity of the metropolitan area and North East Italy, but also of Europe as a whole. An area which is the envy of the entire continent and which must be used to best advantage.
In a particularly delicate moment in time, this represents a unique opportunity which must not be wasted.